North Woolwich Old Station Museum

This is the rear of the old station, which was built in 1854 to replace an earlier wooden building provided when the railway to North Woolwich was opened in 1847. This 1854 building continued in use until 1979, by which time it was far too big for its purpose, delapidated and scarred with graffiti. British Rail built a modern booking office on a small part of the land which had once been the South Goods Yard, and boarded up the old station. Five years later, helped by a grant from the London Docklands Development Corporation, the old building was renovated and brought back into use as a museum of the Great Eastern Railway.
RDHR is now proposing to expand the function of the museum to cover the
story of London Rail the commuter and local lines which have been essential arteries of the city for well over a century.

Date of picture: 10 December 2006