Our plans

Our plans for the line include heritage operation, but also trains for training and testing purposes. At the moment, the line is single but space for the second line is available throughout the route: indeed, in many places the former second line is still visible under the vegetation. We are planning to restore the second line, but work the route as two parallel single lines for different purposes. One line will carry training and testing trains, while the other can be used at the same time for a heritage service.

The main RDHR depot will be at North Woolwich, on the former South Goods Yard (this is presently derelict). A five road shed will be required, plus some external sidings and buildings for RailSchool and miscellaneous purposes.

The museum will gain the 1979 booking office building, which will form the new entrance to the museum and heritage railway.

As our plans evolve, more information will appear here.