For a while, the new GER museum also played host to a number of special heritage train days. Even the Flying Scotsman paid a visit. But recent years have seen a decline in activity, and in 2005 the London Borough of Newham decided that the museum was no longer part of its core cultural policy.

In December the Borough invited suggestions about the museumís future. On 20 July 2006, the RDHR plan was formally endorsed by the Mayor and Cabinet of the London Borough of Newham, who approved further work to develop the scheme.

Over the years the museum has benefited considerably from the enthusiasm and assistance of the Great Eastern Railway Society, which is still working at North Woolwich on the conservation of the Great Eastern official archive. (The archive itself has been mostly transferred to the Essex Public Record Office.)

Now the museumís future lies in a change of direction. It is proposed that it becomes a focus for the heritage of London Rail Ė in other words, the suburban and local lines in London and the south east which have been part of National Rail.

Work on moving the museum forward to play its new, wider role
will start in 2007.