Hotel Astoria, Budapest

Tradition and style

The 4-star Danubius Hotel Astoria in the heart of Budapest, built on the site of the medieval town walls, is one of the most charming old-style hotels of Hungary’s capital. As the slogan of the hotel goes, the Astoria offers ‘Tradition and style...’ with its last turn-of-the-century atmosphere that perfectly flatters the style and panache of your Royal Hungarian Express journey.

Danubius Hotel Astoria was opened in 1914. 
Its name given by the owners and Mihály Gellér, the first General Manager of the hotel, who formerly worked for the world-famous Waldorf Astoria in New York, and was an acknowledged expert in hospitality at that time.

Now the hotel has been restored to Imperial glory, with modern comfort married to Empire-style interior decoration, the marble cover and fancy carpets, the crystal chandeliers, glittering mirrors and stained-glass windows, the marvellous works of art invite the guests for a romantic journey back in time. Film producers and directors often take the advantage of the excellent facilities of the hotel, which provides a perfect location for film shooting.

Because of the hotel’s excellent services and ideal location in the heart of the historical city centre, within walking distance from the administrative, business and cultural districts and the famous shopping areas of Váci Street, the hotel is very popular among foreigners and Hungarians alike. After an exhausting day spent with sightseeing or shopping it is good to sit back and relax, have a delicious dinner or a fine coffee in Mirror Café & Restaurant evoking the ambiance of la belle époque.