In 2007 we will be running heritage trains in London’s Docklands
and we hope you will visit us there, but this section is about
our other passion – stylish rail travel in eastern Europe. 

The Royal Hungarian Express comprises the former Hungarian 
government private train from the Communist era, which 
sallies forth in 2007 from Budapest (very easily reached from the 
UK by rail or air) to Krakow, Beograd and Mokra Gora (for the 
famous Sargans 8 narrow gauge railway), Bulgaria, Bosnia and 
the Dalmatian Coast, and even makes a domestic tour of rural 
Hungary. You will eat and sleep on board, there is a piano bar, 
and in Budapest our partner hotel, the stunningly restored 
Austro-Hungarian Astoria, assures you of a warm welcome 
and a city centre location that cannot be bettered.

MAV Nostalgia (Hungarian Railways)