Curriculum 1

This is the main RailSchool curriculum for 2007




<> Line of command, personal accountability and responsibility
<> Safety: why it is our guiding principle
<> Practical insights into rail industry recruitment and selection
<> Drink and drugs culture Disability Awareness
<> Personal Track Safety Medical standards; First Aid
<> The importance of time
<> Customer primacy and service information.
<> Sales; dealing with complaints
<> Keeping calm in a crisis, including emergency exercises
<> Industry structure
<> Railway Trade Unions – maintaining the balance
<> The railway in the community
<> Cost of misuse and antisocial behaviour
<> Cost of trespass – life and personal injury
<> Logistics: the art of the possible
<> Engineering construction and craft training
<> Basic railway operating Basic rolling stock engineering
<> Basic p-way engineering

To provide additional exposure to the ‘real’ industry, RailSchool candidates will visit rail locations, meet senior rail figures, and provide hosting and support services at railway functions such as conferences, major events and the TfL/London Underground Junior Citizen days. RailSchool will also co-operate with rail apprenticeship schemes such as the LUL Operational Apprentices’ Scheme and the Institute of Railway Operators.


As a starting
point, RailSchool
will host a
Summer Special
each year, incorporating the
key elements of railway skills.
This will be
a valuable
introduction to
what it is like to
have a railway
job, and also be a foundation course
for those who wish
to continue.
The candidates will arrange their own ‘passing-out
parade’ by running
a special train for
their relatives and
friends, as a
climax to the